Satsang is a Sanskrit word which means in the company of truth, generally with a group of like-minded people who meet with a common intent to discover who they truly are. It appeals to those who have a true desire to experience more freedom in their life and want to explore the untethered part of their being. We all know that we are multidimensional and as such we may, at times, feel divided, challenged or even disconnected from the core of ourselves, and this can lead to suffering. These gatherings are essentially an opportunity to support each other in the discovery of what is untouched by life’s circumstances and is not defined by our emotional or mind states.


Satsangs are open to all, not just to people who have attended my retreats or workshops. It is meant to be a moment of togetherness where we support and challenge ourselves to inquire, to discover and deepen our connection to Self, to our True Nature.  An opening with a silent sitting (15 minutes) will be followed by a period of questions, sharing, exploration and teachings. Our life circumstances are often the springboard for a deeper realization of who we are when unencumbered by the conditioned mind.

In-person gatherings will take place at St-Paul University. The meetings take place from 7.00 pm to 8.45 pm at 223 Main Street, Room G1140. Parking is available on the street or Pay parking is also available.

Suggested donation: $20.00

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