As a presenter 

As a presenter or facilitator Marie-Sylvie speaks from a place of experience, exposure and authenticity. Her personal commitment and passion for self-discovery is palpable and allows participants to feel supported and inspired to safely dive into the core of their being where profound insights and wisdom are available. Her extensive travel, retreats and exposure to diverse traditions and spiritual cultures offers support for all to feel free to explore their own flavour of the truth. 

As a psychologist 


As a psychologist, Marie-Sylvie’s intent is to meet the client where they are and to tailor her approach according to their specific needs. Her extensive clinical experience has brought her to work with adults and couples experiencing a diversity of issues and challenges such as: stress and anxiety, depression, burnout, traumas, PTSD, personal and interpersonal adjustment difficulties, professional challenges, grief, health challenges (cancer, chronic illness) as well as existential issues (crisis, lack of meaning, spiritual search, emptiness and confusion).  She invites people to see through their symptoms (as manifested) and open to the possibility to discover what put them in place, how they are maintained, and what they are pointing to. Having witnessed over and over how each one of us has an innate potential for growth, healing and even more to access a deep unwounded part at the core of our consciousness, she invites people to discover, through their own personal experiences, how our identification with feelings and emotions (relative experience) and survival mechanisms, limits our access to this deep part of ourselves.  This de-identification brings about a sense of true responsibility for our own liberation and empowered us to live a life with a sense of greater and greater freedom and autonomy.

As a coach


As a coach, Marie-Sylvie assists fellow health care practitioners through supervision or simply by supporting them in their own personal, professional or spiritual quest. This mentoring is also available to anyone who feels stuck or limited in his or her own inner journey and wish to be supported in discovering more and more personal freedom.