260 St Patrick Steet, Unit 302 

Ottawa, Ontario

K1N 5K5



It is about giving yourself to yourself! But what does it mean?

For whom and for what? Those are all legitimate questions…


Time away from your familiar environment… from responsibility, work, routine…. Like a holiday… yes in a certain sense…

But how many of us have experienced being on a holiday and still being driven by our conditioning and our busy mind… then coming close to the end and dreading coming back…

Yes, a silent retreat means no conversation, no distraction… unless you feel called to speak or share in the exchange time...

It is also retreating from the conversations in our minds from the regular habit of the mind, which you may at first hear even more because of the lack of external distraction. It is a time where you choose to stop and look. It is an opportunity to rest deeply. By stopping, there is a possibility to discover what is alive in you at the core of your being…


Through direct inquiry, silent sitting and meditation, teachings and questions in the form of Satsang, you will be guided to discover patterns of avoidance, what drives them specifically and be supported in your inquiry. 

You will be supported all the way by the cradle that we create together. Surrounded by beautiful terrains where you can mindfully walk by the river, snow shoos or cross-country sky to align with your body and nature.


Morning yoga sessions and “ qigong” will support your body in this surrendering. The daily schedule will be available to you upon arrival. The event will be taking place at Galilé Center where you will find detailed information about the resort and its facilities.


The next silent retreat will be held on February 21-26, 2020

All of this is revealed by first opening to the relative truth of your experiences that present themselves through your personal challenges in your life circumstances and to move deeply in what they revealed more deeply. Or what they point out to… you don’t need to be an expert in anything, expert meditator or skilled inquirer, you just need to want to give yourself the chance to dive deeper into what you already know intuitively or have directly experienced in the core of your being.


It is part of the non-dual tradition but goes beyond any practice or philosophy. It is based on discovering more deeply the Silent awareness that is always here and to open yourself up to the deep wisdom that lays in the core of who you are.